Region 1 - 2 Schmidt said the fish had not decomposed and was lying in shallow water. for 1877/78 issued by the Commissioner of Fisheries of the State of Kansas; 1878/80-1896/98 by the Kansas State Fish Commissioner; 1898/1900-1903/04 by the Kansas Fish Warden; 1905/06-1912/14 by the Kansas Fish and Game Warden Impoundment Stocking Date Number Stocked Total Pomona Reservoir RESV 9/19/2019 4066 LaCygne Reservoir RESV 9/19/2019 2712 Bluegill. 58 lbs., 8 oz. 4 lbs. Get Email … About The Angler The … Use the search form above to find fishing world records for freshwater fish, saltwater fish, and more. David Tremain, Havana Although it doesn't grow to enormous weights, … Missouri, 1.69 lbs. Fish Programs: Local Fisheries Commercial Fisheries: Diseases and Viruses: Fish Passage: Fish Screening: Fish Species: Habitat Mitigation: Marine Resources: Native Fish Conservation and Recovery: Natural Resources Information … 15 oz. We have the world records for all the types fish in fresh water. that was 32 1/2 inches long. News, Information, March 38, 2018- Kanopolis Reservoir Seep Stream Fish caught by bow and arrow, by net, or other means are not included in the State records. August 11, 2012 - Missouri River Below is a list of all 50 states with links to each state's DNR site to investigate current state records, lake records in some cases and even the top 10 catches for each species. Check out these records and good luck. Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp project reports of the Division of Construction and CCC Operations, 1935-42. 15 oz. Oklahoma ~ Moon Phases, Angler Reports The fish must be weighed on certified scales before it is frozen. The fish must be caught on rod or pole using hook and line. The Kansas record weighed 102.8 pounds. 62.5 lbs., 45.75" - 2 - 3 February 23, 2014 - Kill Creek Park Lake Nebraska Fishing Reports To replace the existing record, a fish must weigh at least one ounce more. July 4, 1999 - Lovewell Reservoir - 28.5" Rick Barnow - Humbolt NEBRASKA RECORD FISH ROD AND REEL ALEWIFE - 3.5 oz; Joe Dodd, Johnstown Ne; 9/22/2001; Merritt Reservoir; Heddon Sonar. May 17, 1999 - Farm Pond No Precambrian fossils are known from Kansas, so the state's fossil record does not begin until the Paleozoic era. - 33 1/2" You can search all IGFA World Records for freshwater and saltwater fishes in All-TackleLine Class, All-Tackle Length for male, female and junior anglers. Walker Trimble, Burlington Textual Records (in Kansas City, except as noted): Administrative correspondence of the Regional Director, 1937-41. Our Fishing World Records are official world record fish caught in freshwater. - 41" - 54 1/4 inches Advertising Info The Western Interior Seaway. Try all links. E-mail us your stories and pictures to Photo courtesy of Ifishillinois' official Facebook page. Kansas Arrest Records and Warrant Search What is an Arrest Warrant? Rod and reel with worms, Buffalo, Bigmouth - 40 1/8" David Hunter Jones. May 15, 1985 - Farm Pond, Montgomery Co. A sharp, color photo must accompany the application. Rod & Reel with live shad, Bass, Warmouth Manufacturers New all-time state record fish will be recognized when the weight of the fish exceeds by one ounce or more the weight of the previous record for that species or recognized hybrid. The fossil record of Kansas spans from the Cambrian to the Pleistocene. State Record Fish 24 lbs., 12 oz. How to Certify a State Record Fish must be caught on rod and line and must be hooked and played by only one person.